Who is a thigh lift suitable for?

All patients who feel impaired in their body image and appearance due to sagging skin and tissue changes on the thighs can have their legs tightened.

Can a thigh lift be performed at any age?

Basically yes. The possibility of a thigh lift does not depend on age. In practice, older patients in particular opt for the procedure, since the skin changes on the thighs can become serious, especially in old age. Younger people choose the operation mainly after major weight changes in order to achieve beautiful legs again.

Does a thigh lift make sense before a planned weight reduction?

If you’re planning to change your lifestyle to achieve lasting weight loss, you should postpone your thigh lift until you’ve reached your goal weight and know you can maintain it.
In addition to the natural aging process, major weight changes are the main cause of sagging thighs. Major weight loss after the procedure may adversely affect the outcome.

How long does the result of a thigh lift last?

After a thigh lift, there is a good chance that the result will last for life. It is optimal if you support the long-term effect of the operation with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Can a thigh lift be repeated?

If, in rare cases, the skin on the thighs is overstretched again, the operation can be repeated without any problems. The procedure is then carried out over the existing scars, so that no new incisions with the corresponding scarring are necessary.

Can a thigh lift be combined with liposuction?

A thigh lift can easily be combined with liposuction in the operated areas. The main aim is to optimally model the leg contour by removing small fat deposits.

How painful is a thigh lift?

The pain after a thigh lift subsides after just a few days. It can be easily controlled with mild painkillers. You may still feel a slight tightness for the next four to six weeks.


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