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Health tourism is defined as people going to a country other than their country of residence for treatment in order to regain their health or receive secondary health services.
With the ever-increasing cost of medical care around the world, more and more people are scrambling to book appointments with healthcare providers in other countries. Every year, many patients travel from countries with expensive and limited healthcare services in a particular area of medical care to countries that provide highly specialized medical care.
In the past few years, medical guidance services have started to grow. These services are equipped to keep passengers safe and give them peace of mind when it comes to medical risks. Organizations that offer these services have the best medical staff and take a preventive approach to medicine. They help millions of travelers every year with travel assistance and emergency medical care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Visitors can get medical help, and there are also travel services inside the building that can connect people with airlines and other transportation services. This service can help get them on the next best flight available, help with lost passports and other travel documents, locate a local legal representative, and more.
Turkishdoc’s partner clinics in Turkey are here to provide you with the best assistance you need. We care about each individual patient and help them get the appropriate assistance even before they ask. We are here for you throughout your entire journey in Turkey.


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