Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy and rehabilitation is a medical specialty that focuses on helping patients recover from injuries, illnesses, or surgeries that affect their ability to move or perform daily activities. This field of medicine uses a combination of exercises, manual therapies, and other techniques to improve patients’ mobility, strength, and function.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including sports injuries, back and neck pain, joint pain and stiffness, neurological disorders, and chronic pain. This type of treatment is often recommended after surgery to help patients recover and regain their strength and mobility.

During physical therapy and rehabilitation, a licensed physical therapist will work with the patient to develop a personalized treatment plan. This plan may include exercises to improve strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as manual therapies such as massage or joint mobilization. The therapist may also use modalities such as heat or cold therapy, electrical stimulation, or ultrasound to help reduce pain and promote healing.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation is an important part of the recovery process for many patients. It can help reduce pain and inflammation, prevent further injury, and improve overall function and quality of life. In some cases, it may even be able to help patients avoid surgery or reduce the need for pain medication.

If you are experiencing pain or limited mobility due to an injury, illness, or surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation may be able to help. By working with a licensed physical therapist, you can develop a customized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and helps you achieve your goals for recovery and rehabilitation.



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