Third Party Administrator (TPA)

A third-party administrator is a business that contracts with another business to offer operational services like employee benefits administration and claims processing. Claims processing is frequently contracted out to outside parties by insurance companies and self-insured businesses. As a result, these businesses are frequently referred to as third-party claims administrators (TPA).

When people first began to realize that unexpected medical problems could arise at any time, insurance companies quickly responded by improving their policies, expanding their product lines, etc. Eventually, Third Party Administrators came into existence because insurance companies struggled to provide satisfactory service delivery on their own due to the proliferation of available options.

The main goal of the third-party administration (TPA) service is to cut the costs of the help and insurance companies we work with by a large amount, without lowering the quality of what we do. Turkishdoc and its partner clinic offer the best-quality TPA services that were made after figuring out what you really need.

Our international partners, which include both insurance companies and institutions, are able to provide service in a way that works with the way the Turkish health care system works and is able to keep going for a long time. Our knowledgeable and skilled team is well-versed in national and international regulations, payment and health expenditure processes, and billing procedures. This means that all of the files for our corporate clients are successfully closed.


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