Health Tourism

In Turkey, there are a lot of hospitals and private clinics that use the best technology in the world. Many provide high-tech, most up-to-date healthcare services to patients from all over the world in many disciplines, like oncology, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, and eye surgery.
Also, secondary health services, such as hair transplants, dental operations, and aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, started to become popular, which helped health tourism grow even more.
Turkey has an important share in world tourism movements. It has the most up-to-date infrastructure, good health services, well-known healthcare professionals, competitive prices, state support, a great location, unique natural and historical places, and the best quality tourism management services. Combining all of these great values, health tourism in Turkey has an increasing share.
Many countries now see Turkey as their new health partner and an up-and-coming center for medical tourism. With Turkey’s health standards constantly getting better, the health tourism industry is growing.
In addition, the availability of health services in Turkey, the short waiting times, and the relative ease of obtaining a visa also support this development.
In Turkishdoc partner clinics in Turkey, we provide the best health tourism services to patients coming from all over the world. Our clinics stand out with their many departments in the field of health tourism. With our international patient center, we are here to serve our international guests.
In Turkishdoc, we are aware of the fact that the needs and medical conditions of each of our patients are different, and we determine your needs correctly and offer you a special treatment plan. Our priority in the operational process is always to get the best results possible and help our patients get better in a way they need and desire.


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