Medical Consulting

With the mobile technology we have now, we can reach any type of help we need immediately, including medical services. Today, it is easy to consult healthcare professionals online, or even over the phone.


Medical consulting is a service that includes evaluating a consollee’s health problems, answering questions, and directing them to the appropriate specialty by doctors who are available by phone 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.


Our accredited professionals inform and guide the consellee and their relatives about sudden developing or ongoing diseases, tests and examinations, drugs, treatments, and vaccines administered, and answer their questions.


You can also learn about directions of particular hospitals or clinics, get information about family planning, ask questions regarding elderly, sick and infant care, and consult healthcare insurance programs.


The doctor listens to the complaint, examines the background, and informs the patient/patient relative about the practices that should and should not be done. It is made sure that the consollee connects directly to the expert of his or her problem so that no time is wasted. In the service provided over the phone, no diagnosis is made, no treatment is arranged.


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