Management Team

In difficult and changing times, deeply shared values are needed as a firm foundation for mutual trust. Our goal is to be a preferred, reliable and transparent business partner for our stakeholders.

Group companies


Turkishdoc is a health tourism company established to provide world-class innovative treatment to patients and achieve the health outcomes many patients dream of. It aims to be the pinnacle of health services, especially in regenerative medicine, and to build a solid bridge between our patients and only the most qualified specialists.

Ensures that the service quality level is always maintained by cooperating with the best healthcare institutions with the highest references and world-renowned accreditations.

Strives to provide clients with the highest level of service and care, from the moment they contact them until they are fully recovered and satisfied with the treatment during their stay.

In addition to the services it provides, a large team of medical professionals engages in high-tech initiatives on hospital investment and management.


Areas of activity

  • Helps people find the best doctor.
  • Uses the best hospital for patients.
  • Greets patients and transfers them.
  • Provides patients with 7/24 language support.
Group companies

Livcell Skincare Technology

Livcell Skincare Technology is our patented high bio-technology in which mesotherapy cosmetic products are used. Inspired by the latest longstanding research in stem cell biology, skin healing and tissue repair.

Backed by proprietary formulas and clinically proven results, cosmetic products are produced and marketed around the world only after extensive testing.

Livcell Skincare Technology, an A+ brand promoting skin to look and feel healthier, firmer, stronger, and smoother.

Group companies

Turkishdoc Pharma

Turkishdoc Pharma is a 100% Turkish capital company that markets pharmaceuticals. It is the sole authority of Yiling Phamaceutical, one of the world’s giant pharmaceutical companies that successfully carries out hospital, medical and comprehensive health services, in Turkey, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East markets. It offers a full range of services in the pharmaceutical industry that helps and supports customers in achieving their business goals.

Yiling Pharmaceutical; is the China’s largest biopharmaceutical company with truly differentiated drugs in oncology, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and respiratory health diseases.

Pharma, advances by developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide variety of pharmaceutical formulations in a variety of health consumer products.

Contributes to society’s ability to support growing healthcare needs by pioneering novel approaches to help people around the world access high-quality medicine.

Group companies

Jade Property

Jade Property was established to provide personalized and professional real estate consultancy services to those who want to invest, live or do both in Turkey.

Combining real estate consultancy with technology, communication, knowledge and experience, Jade Property adds value to a wide range of luxury living spaces from plazas to residences, from large-scale housing projects to hotels and international projects. With successful project references and customer trust, it strengthens its portfolio with each passing day.

Group companies


Mornvest Real Estate Investment Consulting is a real estate investment company that provides legal consultancy services on real estate investment, immigration and citizenship in line with the demands of its customers.

Provides the highest quality service expected from a trusted investment firm, providing strategic and personalized guidance to understand our clients’ needs.


Areas of activity

  • Provides trading support
  • Gives advice on investment opportunities,
  • Provides legal support for citizenship application procedures and to manage these processes.
  • Offers investment advisory
Group companies


CellMG is an R&D company and biotechnological production laboratories that carry out research on the production of receptor cells that are planned to be used in the treatment of soft tissue cancers instead of chemotherapeutic treatments and radiation treatments that have been used in cancer treatment for years.

In CAR-T cell treatment, when T cells taken from the person and charged with fighting cancer are returned to the patient after certain genetic modifications, they are made to be able to recognize and destroy cancer cells that they normally cannot recognize.


Turkishdoc CEO

We created the Turkishdoc brand in order to meet every possible need and expectation of our patients and their loved ones. Where you live doesn’t matter. There is an international standard for healthcare and we will provide that to you.

We are happy and pleased to announce that since our foundation, we have provided medical solutions to a huge number of patients.

Our success is based on our many years of experience and us providing quality services.  We do this through the stability and quality of our management and operational teams, as well as the structure of our service network.

Planning your medical journey and providing you with the best and most comprehensive service for the uttermost important period of your life is crucial to us. We work hard for you to live your life as a healthy and happy individual.

Because your health is the most important concern for us.

With respect.


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