About us

Turkishdoc is a health tourism company established to provide world-class innovative treatment to patients and achieve the health outcomes many patients dream of. It aims to be the pinnacle of health services, especially in regenerative medicine, and to build a solid bridge between our patients and only the most qualified specialists.

The fastest response time at the first contacts, competitive prices and timely and detailed treatment plans, VIP transfer service during your stay in Turkey, and interpreter assistance in all steps of the treatment plan are just a few of the benefits. We ensure that the service quality level is always maintained by cooperating with the best healthcare institutions with the highest references and world-renowned accreditations.



Here at Turkishdoc we strive to provide the utmost service and care for our patients from the very moment they contact us till they repatriate fully recovered and pleased with the treatment received during their stay.


We intend to become the pinnacle of healthcare services, particularly in regenerative medicine, building a solid and intact bridge between our patients and only the most qualified of specialists. Cooperating with only the best of healthcare institutions with the highest credentials and globally recognized accreditations we always ensure the maintenance of the service quality level.

Throughout all procedures, your journey, your legal affairs, and communications with the medical team will be held by the Turkishdoc team smoothly.

Why should you choose Turkishdoc?

Why should you choose Turkishdoc?

As Turkishdoc, our priority is to offer a quality and affordable treatment process to our guests who choose to be treated in Turkey. By cooperating with hospitals with accreditations such as JCI and ISO, we ensure that you receive services at international standards.


Providing your transfer and accommodation services.
Making all preparations before and after your treatment.
Carrying out your treatment in our contracted hospitals in accordance with European standards.
As a result of the reports sent, directing you to specialist physicians who will undertake your treatment.
Providing you with expert translation services during your treatment process.
Transfer to the airport after the completion of the treatment process.

Why Turkey?

Turkey, the meeting point of the East and the West, is one of the top 10 countries for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of diseases. In addition to its unique cultural and geographical beauties, it is taking firm steps towards becoming the “attraction center” of the global health tourism market with government incentives.

It is the second preferred destination in health tourism.
It is the first choice of Europeans in medical tourism.
Turkey ranks second in the world in terms of the number of accredited clinics.
You can fly directly to Istanbul from Turkish Airlines 350 Airport.
It is the most economical country for quality treatment.
Why Turkey?

How It Works?

You can see the whole application and treatment process step by step on below.

  1. Click on the “Contact” button.

Fill in your information in just a few minutes.

  1. Meet our professional patient consultants.

Shortly after you fill out the application form, our team will contact you and provide you with the necessary information about the process.

  1. For your comfort in Turkey, choose any of our services and create your travel plan with our consultants.

Our team will plan your travel according to your preferences, make the necessary reservations and preparations for treatment, hotel, transfer, translator, etc. for you.

  1. Greeting by our expert team

When you arrive in Istanbul, you will be welcomed by our experienced team and will help you settle into your hospital/hotel.

  1. Your treatment begins

Your treatment will continue at the best health centers according to your doctor’s recommendations.  Throughout your treatment, our team in Istanbul will be with you for all your needs, such as your transportation and participation in cultural activities.

  1. Post-treatment care

Even after your treatment is over and you return to your country, your health counselor will be with you to provide the best follow up care.


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