What is a mommy makeover?

A combination of different procedures in the breast, abdomen and buttocks area for mothers with a one-time downtime.

How does mommy makeover work?

After the information/consultation meeting, an operation plan is drawn up with the wishes. This is followed by the creation of an individual therapy plan tailored to you. This will then be discussed with you in detail. This is followed by an appointment and the corresponding implementation of the operation. The operation usually takes place under general anesthesia and you remain in our aesthetic clinic for monitoring until the next day. In the following weeks, outpatient follow-up and check-up appointments will be carried out by us.

What requirements do patients have to meet?

You should have reached your desired weight and you should have been breastfeeding for at least 6 months. In addition, family planning should already have been completed. If breast corrections are desired, there should be an inconspicuous imaging finding (mammography or breast sonography) that should not be older than 6 months. This is for your safety, since the presence of a malignant disease must be ruled out with certainty before a shape-correcting breast operation.

How long is the downtime?

There will be at least 1-2 weeks off work for light physical activities and there should be no heavy physical strain for about 6 weeks. It is also necessary to wear compression clothing for the operated areas for about 6 weeks.

How long does the operation take?

The duration of the procedure depends on the desired changes, your personal requirements before the operation and the resulting individual therapy plan. Accordingly, a mommy makeover can last between 3 and 7 hours. A tummy and breast lift with liposuction and fat redistribution takes about 5-6 hours

Is a mommy makeover also possible if you gave birth by caesarean section?

The Mommy Makeover is also ideal for mothers who have given birth by caesarean section. The advantage here is that in the course of the tummy tuck, the caesarean hub is removed.

How far in advance can the end result be predicted?

The end result can be defined very well in advance by cup size, shape and measurements. An experienced practitioner can implement the objectives almost exactly.


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