Is a chin correction painful?

After a chin correction, the chin can initially be sensitive to pressure and pain. However, any pain that occurs can be treated well with common painkillers.

What should be considered before and after chin correction?

About 2 weeks before the chin correction, no blood-thinning medication or dietary supplements should be taken. However, in a personal conversation in our Nuremberg clinic for aesthetic plastic surgery, we explain the time before the chin correction to our patients in detail.

After the chin correction, you should also not take any dietary supplements for 2 weeks. Further aftercare ultimately depends on the treatment method used.

How does a chin correction work?

The chin correction depends on the individual problem and the treatment method chosen for it. In a personal consultation, we will explain the procedure to you in detail and discuss with you which treatment method is best suited for you and your needs.

Is the effect of chin surgery permanent?

Yes, the effect of a chin correction will last a lifetime.

Are scars visible after a chin correction?

we attach great importance to scar-saving surgical procedures. In many cases, access for a chin correction is via the oral cavity, so that no scars are visible from the outside later. If external access is required, we place the cut so that it is hardly visible later.


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