When can you start exercising again after rhinoplasty?

No sporting activities should be carried out in the first four weeks after a rhinoplasty. Four weeks after the operation you should be able to practice your sport again without restrictions.

When can you start wearing glasses after rhinoplasty?

After a rhinoplasty , you should refrain from wearing glasses for at least 4 weeks. In the case of heavy glasses, it is advisable to refrain from wearing glasses for three months after the operation.

Can you go out in the sun after rhinoplasty?

Direct sun exposure in the first three months after the rhinoplasty can lead to pigment disorders and/or increased scarring. This also applies to sunbed visits. Completely refrain from UV irradiation of the operated skin for three months. Afterwards, it is advisable to use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor.

What are the chances of success of a rhinoplasty?

If the operation is performed by an experienced nose surgeon, then the chances of success of a nose job are good. In a personal consultation, we will be happy to explain the feasibility and implementation of your wishes for a rhinoplasty .

What is an inverted V deformity?

An inverted V deformity is typically the result of a previous rhinoplasty. At the border between the cartilaginous and bony nose, a contour interruption occurs, which is visible, for example, as an inverted V in frontal photographs. Spreader grafts and, more recently, spreader flaps are commonly used to avoid an inverted V deformity.


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