Does the procedure leave a scar?

Lip lift is a cosmetic surgery that requires the use of a scalpel, which always leaves a scar, but with this procedure the scar is short and not very visible as it is located at the base of the nose.

How to care for the scar after the procedure?

First of all, remember to avoid sun exposure. The scar is on the face, ie in a place that is particularly exposed to UV radiation. SPF 50+ creams should be applied after the treatment so that the scar does not darken and become visible.

Is the procedure performed under general anesthesia?

No, the lip lift is usually performed under local anesthesia.

Can the procedure be performed on people with hyaluronic acid enlarged lips?

The procedure should be performed on the lips without fillers. In the case of hyaluron, the injected face should be dissolved with hyaluronidase before the procedure.

Is permanent lip makeup counterproductive

No, permanent lip make-up does not affect the difficulty of the procedure or its effect.


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