What happens during a breast reduction?

During breast reduction, excess skin is removed from the breast and given a new shape and support. The position of the nipples can also be changed. The nipple is returned to its natural position and the entire breast is given a youthful appearance.

Who is a breast reduction suitable for?

A breast reduction can be considered for any woman who suffers from the physical or psychological consequences of an overly large breast. This is usually pain in the back or neck, headaches or poor posture due to the heavy weight of the large breasts. Affected women often also suffer from reduced self-confidence due to the size of their breasts.

In individual cases, there are reasons for exclusion if there are diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or tumor diseases.

Can I also achieve a breast reduction by losing weight?

Strong weight loss will certainly lead to a reduction in breast volume. However, a breast that is too large often leads to overstretching and thus to sagging skin. This may require a breast lift.

What should be considered before the operation?

Blood-thinning medication should be stopped about two weeks before the operation. You should also refrain from consuming alcohol or nicotine so as not to impair wound healing.

What complications can occur with breast surgery?

Breast reduction performed by a specialist in aesthetic and plastic surgery is considered to have few complications. As with any surgical procedure, postoperative bleeding and wound healing disorders can occur. Swelling and slight bruising also usually occur with this treatment. Depending on the size of the procedure, skin sensation around the nipple after a breast reduction may be reduced.

Should I take painkillers after my breast surgery and if so, for how long?

Pain after a breast reduction is not only uncomfortable, it also leads to an increase in blood pressure and thus to an increased risk of postoperative bleeding. In this respect, I recommend taking painkillers up to 3 times a day. As a result, my patients are able to go about their daily lives without major restrictions very soon after a breast reduction. The duration and medication of the painkillers depends on your personal pain sensitivity. If the healing process is normal, you will be mostly pain free within a week.

What can i do to reduce swelling after my breats reduction?

To reduce breast swelling after a breast reduction, I recommend my patients to cool down gently, take it easy and sleep on their back with a raised head section.

Can i sleep on my stomach / on my side after a breast reduction?

Immediately after the breast reduction, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach or on your side. As a rule, patients report that sleeping on their back with a raised head section is most comfortable for them. However, after 14 days, anything is allowed. Your body will tell you if lying on your side is limited due to tenderness of existing swelling.


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