How certain is a satisfactory result after G-spot intensification?

Most of our patients with a “perceptible” G-spot report an increase in sensitivity after treatment with autologous fat or hyaluronic acid.
However, we attach great importance to a precise sexual anamnesis in order to take a closer look at all aspects and thereby improve the success rate for you with lasting effect.

When can I have sexual intercourse with my partner again after the G-spot intensification?

Depending on the surgical procedure, you can become intimate again after 2 weeks ( hyaluronic acid )
or 4 weeks ( own fat ).

Is a G-spot injection painful?

In our practice, which specializes in intimate interventions, this plastic-surgical G-spot intensification is associated with only very low risks.

The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia or under a gentle general anaesthetic.
Thanks to our special, gentle injection technique, no open wounds remain.
However, a temporary burning sensation or slight pain may occur.
The healing is uncomplicated due to the very good blood circulation in the vaginal mucosa.


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