Can anyone have their buttocks enlarged with their own fat?

Butt enlargement with autologous fat is possible for every healthy person with enough autologous fat. If there is not enough autologous fat, other operations are also available to enlarge the buttocks.

Where is the fat taken for butt surgery?

The fat for butt enlargement can be taken from the following areas:

Upper arms
Upper abdomen – middle abdomen – lower abdomen
Upper back
Lower back
Iliac crest region

How long does an autologous fat augmentation last?

Butt enlargement with autologous fat is a result that can last a lifetime. The basic requirement is that you don’t “starve” your bottom. So if you do a lot of sport, you simply have to pay attention to a balanced energy intake. Especially if you gained weight for the buttock augmentation procedure with your own fat.

How long will i be unable to work after buttock surgery?

As a rule, two weeks of rest are sufficient after butt enlargement with autologous fat.


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