What correction options are there for the inner labia?

Inner labia can be symmetrized (aligned) or reduced.

What correction options are there for the outer labia?

Outer labia are usually enlarged with autologous fat in order to better cover the inner labia or the vaginal entrance. Occasionally oversized outer labia are also reduced.

Is labiaplasty a purely aesthetic procedure or are there also medical reasons for it?

In principle, labia correction is a cosmetic procedure, but there are also functional reasons such as pain or rubbing when wearing tight clothing, during sports or cycling and intussusception of the inner labia during sexual intercourse.

Can the hymen be injured during labiaplasty?

When correcting the labia minora, the hymen is not touched, it therefore remains intact.

Can the clitoris be injured during labiaplasty?

With all variants of the labia correction, the clitoris and clitoral hood remain untouched.

How long do you have to rest after a labiaplasty?

Wound healing is generally complete after two weeks. It is essential to ensure that the intimate area is kept strictly hygienic after the operation.

What complications can arise?

In experienced hands, complications with a labiaplasty are extremely rare. They mostly concern the result (too much removed, too little removed, unequally removed) and remain without health consequences. Medical complications relate to secondary bleeding, infections or wound healing disorders and are also very rare.


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