When can I work again ?

– Office work: 1-2 weeks after surgery
– Heavy lifting: 4-6 weeks after surgery
– Public work: 3-4 weeks after surgery

When can I sleep on my stomach again ?

2-3 weeks after the operation, shortly after the operation, you should sleep with your upper body raised.

When will I be socially acceptable again ?

Swelling and hematomas usually subside after 2-3 weeks. The sutures are pulled 3 weeks after the operation, but they run inconspicuously under the skin. However, tissue healing and scarring are individual processes and require different amounts of time. It can be assumed that with good cosmetics approx. 3-4 weeks after the procedure, small reddened scars etc. can be well concealed.

How can I optimally care for my scars ?

Scar care should start 6 weeks after the operation. By then, the sutures should heal undisturbed. After that, greasy ointments, ointments containing silicone and, if there is a predisposition to excessive scarring, ointments containing cortisone can be used. We are happy to help.

Do I have to wear a special bandage ?

A compression bandage of the face should not be worn. You will first receive a soft head bandage, later no bandage has to be worn.

I've already had a facelift. Is a cheek lift still useful?

Yes, because a facelift primarily affects and treats the lower half of the face and the neck. However, it does not help with empty, volumeless cheeks or a deep nose-cheek crease. Only the cheek lift can do that.

Is the recovery time of a cheek lift similar to a facelift?

Because we have to cut through the skin a lot less, the recovery time with a mid-face lift is often shorter than with a facelift. However, swelling sometimes remains even after 2 weeks, but only you notice it and it always recedes.

How long does a mid-face lift last?

Of course, the natural aging process cannot be stopped and the volume will tend to decrease again.
However, if you keep yourself healthy, do not smoke and avoid direct strong sunlight, the result lasts about 7-10 years.


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