Can I get general anesthesia for an eyelid lift?

An eyelid lift, especially that of the upper eyelids, can be performed under local anesthesia. The wish is often expressed to combine the procedure with sedation or to initiate it with twilight sleep. This is also usually possible. General anesthesia is rarely used. Unless the operational effort is expanded, e.g. B by combining upper and lower eyelid lifts in one session.

Is the procedure painful?

Usually not. At the beginning of the eyelid lifting operation, the patient can feel a small puncture on the outer edge of the eye for the local anaesthetic. But once the anesthetic takes effect, you usually don’t feel any pain. A certain feeling of pressure in the eye is common, possibly a slight feeling of warmth, which is caused by the hemostasis.

Do I have to reckon with risks in eyelid tightening?

The eyelid lift is a comparatively small procedure that is usually carried out by a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery with low risks. The sensitive eye area often swells after the operation. Redness and slight hematomas are also possible. Experience has shown that these symptoms subside after a few days. Conjunctival irritation after lower eyelid surgery can last for several weeks. Feelings of tightness are normal after a surgical eyelid lift and are usually not a cause for concern


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