International Anti-Aging Summit Forum Attracts Attention With New Initiatives!

6 November 2022

The opening meeting of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Associations Anti-Aging Professional Committee, where representatives of the latest beauty trends and advanced technology sectors meet, and the International Anti-Aging Summit Forum organized by the World Chinese Medicine Federation hosted its guests on November 26th.

The industry’s opening window to the world.

Experts and academics from China, Belarus, Turkey, South Africa, Kazakhstan, China, Belarus, Turkey, South Africa, Kazakhstan and other countries gathered online and shared their experiences in panels, workshops, courses, panels, workshops, and courses on TCM anti-aging related theories and research results that reveal the secrets of aging and new ways for modern people to delay aging.

According to World Health Organization, by 2030, one in six people in the world will be 60 years or older. Between 2015 and 2050, the proportion of the world’s population over 60 will nearly double from 12 percent to 22 percent.

In this context, finding effective intervention strategies and medicines to prevent and treat aging and related diseases has become the focus of medical development today. There was great interest in the forum, which brought together the methods and equipment of effective intervention strategies and medicines to prevent and treat aging and related diseases with the participation of professionals.

The participating experts said that aging is a treatable disease, through scientific prevention and intervention, aging can be delayed and prevented at the source. Traditional Chinese medicine, with unique theories and rich experience, has academic anti-aging ideas and deeply researched therapeutic drugs.

Participants drew attention in the digital environment!

Turkey’s leading health tourism company Turkishdoc, which recently signed a cooperation agreement with Yiling Pharmaceutical, one of the representative enterprises in China’s traditional medicine industry, took its place among the  participants.

With the invitation of Turkishdoc, Prof. Dr. Erdal Karaöz, who has been working effectively in the field of stem cells for many years and has achieved promising results, and Prof. Dr. Hülya Dağdelen, who has made an impression with her work in the field of dermocosmetics, talked to the participants about the secrets of aging and new ideas to delay aging.

The innovations of the sector were showcased at this forum.

The Forum is an effective platform for participants who want to increase their current market share and reach new customer potential. Visitors who show great interest in the forum have the opportunity to see all the product and technology innovations of the dermocosmetics, care and beauty sector together.




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