Instructions and Advice About Your Surgical Procedure

10 February 2023

There is much that the patient needs to know before and after plastic surgery. We would like to help you with this list of instructions so that you can thoroughly prepare for the surgical procedure.

The counseling session

Bring your list of medications, vitamins, and other medications with you to the first consultation, as these medications can affect the operation and the effects of the medications given by your plastic surgeon.

Also prepare yourself with information about your previous illnesses and operations. Inform your surgeon of any possible complications that may have previously concerned you or a family member related to anesthesia.

The plastic surgeon will provide you with a list of pre- and postoperative instructions, such as: a list of certain medications that you are not allowed to take before the surgery; body hygiene and cleaning regulations after the operation, what you are allowed to eat and drink before and after the operation, what items, special clothing you will need after the operation. Discuss the type of follow-up care in the clinic after the operation.


Preparing for surgery

Buy the essential items that you will need after the surgery in the healing period in the last few days before the surgery. As for medication, follow your doctor’s instructions. Organize an companion who can drive you home after the operation and possibly stay with you in the clinic for a few days after the operation.

Refrain from smoking before and after the operation as it can interfere with the healing process. The night before the operation, pack your suitcase. Pack your personal belongings, eg: glasses case, contact lens case, slippers/slippers, bathrobe, bath towels, comfortable clothing after the operation, insurance certificate and your personal documents. Follow the instructions,


The healing process

The healing time depends on the type of surgery and varies from person to person. You must expect both physical and emotional changes. A natural healing process should take place and the natural healing process should not be pushed or accelerated. You should have realistic expectations.

You have to be aware that you will look worse before you get better. If you suspect a problem, see your surgeon right away. Some helpful advice for a healthy recovery: Use ice packs to reduce swelling after facial surgery.

Discuss with your doctor how long to use it. The unpleasant side effects of cosmetic surgery are scars and swelling, and the real end results cannot be seen in the first few days. Follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding medication or regular exercise or personal hygiene for a safe and healthy healing. Arrange supervision for yourself for the first 48-72 hours after the operation.

Although you think you can move as usual, it is good to have someone around to help you and calm you down with just their presence so that this healing process can take place without any disturbance. Rehydrate your body frequently. During a surgical procedure, the body loses fluid.

  • Drink water regularly to replace lost fluids.
  • Eat light foods for the first few days and only foods that which are easy to swallow and digest.

If you have had surgery on your neck or head, keep your head up for a few days. It can reduce swelling and speed up the healing process without compromising the end result. Avoid direct sunlight. Use UV protection cream to protect your skin. Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs not prescribed by your surgeon, as they may interfere with the effects of the prescribed medication.


Special clothes after plastic surgery

Healing takes several weeks. During this period there are various ways to improve appearance after plastic surgery: camouflage make-up, compression clothes or other things. These last two are not just temporary covers, they are essential tools in the healing process.

Your doctor will offer you various compression garments and accessories to wear during the healing period. Breast plastic patients are also given specific instructions about bras and when to wear them after surgery. Most clothing and bras will need to be worn day and night for at least a week after surgery.

After cosmetic surgery such as liposuction ,Tummy tucks or breast tucks , compression garments and bras need to be worn 24 hours a day (including while showering), and perhaps for several months.

We hope that with these tips we have been able to contribute to your problem-free recovery after plastic surgery.


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