A Medical Bridge Between East and West

12 July 2023

In the field of health tourism, cooperation on traditional Chinese medicine in Turkey is increasing.

Faik Göksu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkishdoc, which cooperates with Chinese Yiling Pharmaceutical on traditional Chinese medicine, said that under this agreement, they can serve patients in both directions, that patients from China can benefit from Turkey’s state-of-the-art technology and expert experience. He also stated that patients who will go from Turkey can receive traditional Chinese medicine treatments.

Göksu stated, “The basis of our cooperation is to establish a bridge between East  and West in the field of medicine. In 2022, Yiling Pharmaceutical was among the top 10 traditional Chinese medicine companies in their country. As Turkey, we have rich medical resources and trained specialized doctors. Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years. Within the scope of our partnership, we aim to offer the most comprehensive care and treatments to patients by bringing together western and eastern medicine.”

“China has a global reputation for infertility and pregnancy treatments”

Drawing attention to the work done in China on IVF treatments, Göksu said, “We have many specialist doctors in Turkey who are renowned for their success in this field. It is accepted all over the world that traditional Chinese medicine has been effective in treating infertility in men and women for thousands of years. For example, recent research shows that patients who receive IVF acupuncture have higher pregnancy rates than those who do not receive this treatment. This treatment aims to improve blood flow to the ovaries and endometrium while trying to increase fertility.”

“Our aim is to increase Turkey’s power in the field of health tourism”

Pointing out that Turkey’s power in the field of health tourism will increase with the cooperation, Göksu said, “This cooperation will contribute to the growth of the health tourism sector in Turkey and increase international patient demand. We believe that we have taken an important step that will increase Turkey’s power and potential in the field of medicine. It is very important for our country to increase the attractiveness of Turkey as a health tourism destination and to have more say in the international market in this field. We will continue to contribute to our country with new partnerships in health tourism in the coming period.”




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