What Is the Importance of Patient Safety in Plastic Surgery?

24 June 2023

In plastic surgery, patient safety is of indisputable importance.  While these procedures are full of rejuvenation promises, they can also come with potential risks. Therefore, understanding the importance of patient safety in surgery is not only a necessity, but also a critical stage that underpins every successful surgical journey. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into why patient safety should be a primary consideration in plastic surgery.

Why is it important to ensure patient safety?

Plastic-aesthetic interventions are often highly complex and require extensive specialized knowledge, technical excellence and an appropriate infrastructure. Comprehensive preparation and organization of the surgical team, including the anesthesiologist and the operating room, is necessary for its success.

When it comes to the equipment and surgical materials used, care must be taken to ensure that they are of the highest quality and up-to-date. Modern technologies simplify workflows in the operating room and increase patient safety. 

Attention must also be paid to the certification of the products. The EU regulatory framework stipulates that medical devices must undergo a conformity assessment to guarantee their performance and safety. Compliant products are provided with CE marking.

How is patient safety ensured in operations?

Plastic surgery is a highly individualized discipline. And, there are many things to do and many rules to follow to minimize risk.

  • Firstly, correctly verifying the patient’s identity is crucial. Before all procedures, including drug administrations, laboratory and radiology examinations, and blood transfusions, it is necessary to verify the patient’s identity each time. This step ensures that the right interventions and accurate information are provided to the correct patient. 
  • One of the vital patient safety measures is sterilization. Appropriate sterilization and disinfection methods should be determined to prevent patient infections.
  • Maintaining all medical devices, regularly checking the expiration dates of consumables and monitoring their sterilization are some of the measures that can be taken.
  • Regular training and continuous education for the entire team are important, ensuring all employees are up-to-date and performing their tasks at the highest level.

Why is plastic surgery risky?

It would be very wrong to think that there is a risk-free surgery. Every surgical procedure has certain risks. However, it will be useful to have a detailed conversation with your doctor about the risk factors you may experience before surgery. Your doctor will also inform you about the risks that may occur and how these factors can be eliminated. 

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