Swelling After Hair Transplant – Is It Normal?

10 February 2023

As with any minimally invasive procedure, there may be some swelling after hair transplantation. This is completely normal and completely harmless. But what causes this condition and what can be done to treat it?


Causes of swelling after hair transplant

A hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure, which can result in redness, itching and swelling. As a person affected, you do not have to worry under any circumstances: this is completely normal and absolutely harmless.


The local anesthetic that is administered to the patient is responsible for preventing pain during the procedure. This liquid then migrates down and creates the swelling after the hair transplant.


The forehead is particularly affected by this condition, and in some cases the area around the eyes can also swell slightly. After a few days, this problem should resolve itself and the swelling should disappear.


Prevention to prevent swelling

You will usually receive a headband from your hair clinic, which you should always wear conscientiously. It prevents the liquid from migrating down and swelling your forehead.


You can also do something to prevent it at night: if possible, sleep on your back and use a neck pillow to prevent further complications.


But not only positive behavior helps with prevention – avoiding harmful behavior also plays its part. In the beginning, avoid alcohol and coffee and avoid physical exertion and bending forward too often.


opportunities for relief


If you also experience swelling after the hair transplant, you can combat it with a few helpful tips.


Cool the affected areas to relieve pain and treat swelling. It is important to be careful, but not to cool the recipient area of ​​the transplant.


In order to combat the swelling, it is also necessary to drink enough fluids. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.


How long does the condition last?

Normally, the swelling after the hair transplant does not last long. After just a few days, the condition should recede and leave no complications.


In order to guarantee an optimal, fast healing phase, it is important to show the right behavior. In addition to abstaining from harmful behavior, listening to your doctor’s advice is crucial.


Follow the doctor’s instructions

In any case, follow the instructions of your doctor and do not hesitate to ask again if anything is unclear.


As a rule, your doctor will recommend particularly suitable care products that you should use. If you are unsure about using one of your own products, you should consult your doctor.


Conclusion: Swelling after hair transplantation is harmless

Since hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, it is completely normal for swelling to occur after hair transplantation. This is absolutely harmless and should disappear again after a few days.


With the right behavior you can prevent a strong spread and alleviate the symptoms.


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