Bone Spurs With All Its Features

10 August 2023

A bone spur is a prominence on the outer surface of the bone. They usually occur in the joints, but can also occur in long bones such as the spine. This ailment is mainly  associated with osteoarthritis.  This joint damage associated with osteoarthritis shows almost no symptoms. Therefore, it is possible to say that it does not have a very negative effect on health. However, when it is recognized and affects the health status of the person, there is a treatment process based on the doctor’s decision. Bone spurs, which occur mostly in the hip, spine, and knee bones, can be treated with several methods.

Symptoms Of Bone Spurs

Bone spurs, which occur in some joints and are usually benign, are almost asymptomatic. Even the presence of a bone spur may not be recognized until the X-ray results are available. This joint damage, called  a benign tumor,  occurs most commonly in the distal femur, proximal tibia, and proximal humerus. It also occurs in the ilium and spacula of the spine. Symptoms are also known to occur at the site of the osteochondroma. The most recognizable  symptoms of bone spurs  include:

  • Knee pain
  • Bone spur appearance in the knee
  • Bone protrusion in the spine
  • Numbness and weakness in the arms and legs
  • Limb discoloration
  • Loss of pulse in the limb
  • Limited mobility
  • Feeling pain in the hip

As a result, all of these symptoms are among the most noticeable of those associated with bone spurs. Since it is a benign tumor, it usually does not affect the physical condition of the person too much and does not cause symptoms. In the opposite case, it can cause these symptoms and have an impact on a person’s physical life. Therefore, if you observe one or more of these symptoms for a long time, you should consult a doctor. Especially if you have pain and swelling in your joints and have difficulty moving, this is one of the most important reasons to see a doctor.

Causes Of Bone Spurs

The most important cause of bone spurs  is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis breaks down bone ends and causes joint damage. This joint damage, in turn, affects the bones in different parts of the body, causing physical problems. Although it is called “asymptomatic joint damage,” in some cases it becomes a condition that negatively affects physical health. This condition, which is also common in children, is usually observed in people with high levels of arthritis.

Treatment For Bone Spurs

Bone spurs, which can be characterized as  asymptomatic joint damage,  can in some cases adversely affect a person’s health status. In this case, they should be treated. Especially if there is pain and swelling in the knee area, you should consult a doctor. The doctor will apply diagnostic methods to the patient before starting the treatment for bone spursDiagnostic procedures are X-rays and MRI. The development and size of the bone spurs can be seen on the radiograph. The MRI will show whether cartilage formation has occurred on the surface of the exostosis. Therefore, after all these diagnostic procedures have been carried out, certain treatments are applied.

Treatment for bone spurs is  not indicated. This is because this joint damage is asymptomatic. Observation is very important, and the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment. Usually, this is medication. Therefore, non-surgical treatments are mostly applied to this ailment. However, in very rare cases, surgery may be necessary. The treatments for bone spurs are given in detail:

  • Pain medication: If the bone spur causes pain in the joints, the doctor may prescribe painkillers.
  • Ice application: One of the other treatment methods used in bone dislocations is ice application. The purpose of ice application is to reduce swelling.
  • Losing weight: Losing weight can also be a solution to prevent joint and bone strain.
  • Surgery: Surgical interventions may be necessary if bone spurs are symptomatic and affect a person’s health.
  • Physical therapy: Physical therapy is also a viable treatment option for bone and joint pain. It also helps to restore the movement of joints and bones after surgery. Therefore, an effective treatment process is planned with a personalized exercise program prepared by the physiotherapist.

All these are  treatment methods for the treatment of bone spursThese methods, which are applied while taking the health status of the person into account, have positive effects. This ailment cannot be completely prevented, so there is no clear method of prevention. One should also pay attention to some factors to reduce this joint damage:

  • You should eat a balanced and regular diet.
  • You should be in healthy shape.
  • You should be in good posture.
  • Wear comfortable and supportive shoes.
  • Exercise regularly and at a normal level.

These are the methods applied to minimize bone dislocations, which are not completely preventable. Surgery is the most effective solution to completely get rid of bone dislocations. Surgery also reduces the symptoms of this condition, which stop growing. If a person suffers from bone spurs, he/she should do low-level activities throughout his/her life, thus avoiding excessive movement. Since this condition is not life-threatening, it is enough to follow the treatment methods and the doctor’s warnings. Therefore, it is a condition that should be followed by orthopedic specialists.

As a result, bone spurs are a disorder that occurs at the  end of bone epiphesis. This joint damage, caused by an overgrowth of cartilage and bone, usually occurs in the bones of the knee, pelvis, or spine. It is also called a benign bone tumor. Because it is asymptomatic, the person will often not notice it. In rare cases, when it causes physical problems, some of its symptoms come to the fore. Pain is the most common of these symptoms. This bone damage  has no clear cause, and there is no indicated treatment. However, some methods can be used to reduce the symptoms and stop bone growth. Usually, physical exercises, medication, or some other suggestions are offered by the doctor as a treatment. However, surgical methods can also be used in the case of bone spurs that adversely affect a person’s health. Therefore, it is possible to continue living a healthy life thanks to  these treatment methods  determined by the doctor.


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